After 15 years experience in the security industry, we have found that certain security measures are no longer enough to keep out criminals. Therefore our mission is to find a more effective way of keeping them out and help protect the businesses and home owner’s assets. We will design and plan your security to be the most effective for our clients.

  • We work according to the required regulations and standards set by the Security Industry.
  • Our focus is on client satisfaction by offering excellent and friendly service.
  • We offer professional advice from start to finish, saving you time and money.
  • References provided if required on jobs completed, giving you peace of mind on our quality of work.
  • We plan our work properly so as to ensure jobs are completed timorously to avoid any delays.
  • We keep our prices as low as possible, therefore ensuring we are competitive in the professional market.
  • Labour and proper management is done by the owner to ensure work is of high standard.
  • Our policy is to keep an honest and open relationship with all our clients.

Main Business Activities        
Electric Fencing
CCTV Cameras
Pepper Gas systems and installations
Alarm systems and installations
Perimeter Beams
Gate Motors and Automated Garage doors
Access Control

Products and Services
    Electric Fence installations
Nemtek fence equipment and energizers according to site specification
Designer Security custom-designed electric fence brackets
All installation done according to specifications and standards

    CCTC Cameras installations
Imbedded DVR systems
IP Camera solutions

Alarm System installations
Texecom alarm panels
Paradox wired and wire-less alarm systems
IDS control panels

    Perimeter Beams installations
Duel beams wired and wire less

    Gate Motors and Automated Garage door installations
Centurion gate motors
ET gate motors and garage door motors
New installations maintenance and repairs

    Access Control
Keypad entry and exit systems
Fingerprint readers
Tag and card readers

    Pepper Gas Alarm systems
Pepper Gas alarms
Slave units
Riot Cylinder
Refilling of Cylinders

Proprietary Products / Inventions / Processes / Patents
Custom-made electric fence brackets
Manufactured according to customers specifications
Pepper Gas perimeter protection as per client specifications
Pepper gas Chokem MPU
2.5 kg slave cylinder
1.5 kg Riot cylinder

Specialized Capabilities
Added protection with Pepper Gas to give extra support to other security systems
Custom made electric fence brackets and colour specifications
Quality workmanship with 14 years of experience in this field
Special design on steel work e.g. palisade fencing and gates

Competitive Skills
High quality security product installations
Manufacture of custom made electric fence brackets
Welding and steelwork
Wiring and Coding

Export Capabilities

All related tools for required security product installations.
Special equipment on hire that is used on occasion depending on job required

Capacity of Company
Business owner & Technical manager
Project planner
New business developer
Trained installation teams
General workers

Area of Operation
Centurion, Pretoria, majority Gauteng

Track Record

Leading Projects Completed and Major Clients
Electrical Fencing
Residential houses and smallholdings
Midstream estates – Centurion (network with JAJ Alarm Specialist and Valhalla Security on different phases)
Irene village – Irene (network with J&J Alarm Specialists)

     CCTV Cameras
Residential homes and offices
Chas Everitt Head Office – Centurion
R & K Attorneys – Brooklyn
Henry Motors – Lynwood
Jet Radio – Lynwood

    Pepper Gas
Hi-fi Corporation countrywide
Incredible Connection countrywide
Talisman Plant and Tool hire countrywide
Euro Truck Spares – Olifantsfontein
Residential homes, offices and factories

Alarm systems, Gate Motors and Automated Garage doors
Residential houses

Access Control
Businesses and schools