Benefits of an Electric Fence for Security and How it Works

If you’ve been considering the purchase of an electric fence for security, a lot of people will tell you that you’re making an excellent decision. But, how does it work? And what are the benefits to making this purchase and going out of your way to put the whole thing together? In this article, we’re going to take a good look at all of the different benefits that come with having an electric fence, and how they’re going to benefit you and your family when it comes to keeping your home safe and secure.

How Does an Electric Fence Work?

Electric fences are, essentially, quite simple to understand and to utilize. The mechanics involved in their function are not that difficult to comprehend, and it’s also easy to set one up around your home or wherever it is that you may be setting it up. Basically, there is a little energizer that is attached to the fence. Sometimes, you need a few of them in order to be able to take care of an entire fence. That being said, that little energizer packs a big punch. The line that is utilized for the electric fencing is insulated and the electricity pulses through it about once a second, which is why it ends up being so useful. If someone or something hits the fence, they’re going to feel a shock, if for no other reason than because they’re grounded and the shock is able to go through from their body to the ground, thus creating the discomfort.

Many people will tell you that the main reason that you want to use an electric fence is psychological. Even though that shock hurts (and you can get high voltage security fences that hurt even more, if you have a lot of things that you’re trying to keep secure), it’s not something that is going to hurt for an extended period of time. Instead, the person or animal is going to be more afraid than hurt by the shock, and that is intended to condition them so that they’re much less likely to go ahead and try to go through the fence at any point in time. This is what makes them such an appealing alternative to other types of fencing – if people are afraid to go through it, then they’re going to avoid it.

Benefits of an Electric Security Fence

There are a lot of benefits that are associated with putting up an electric security fence around your home. Here are just a few of the main ones that you’re going to want to consider.

  • They’re a lot easier to install than other types of fences. Electric fences do not weigh a lot, and they don’t take up as much room as the other types of fences that you may be considering a purchase of. Also, you can usually install electric fence in yourself. It’s usually better to get someone else to come in and take care of it for you, but the option for doing it yourself is there and it doesn’t take a lot of time or energy to do so.
  • They’re a lot more versatile than some of your other security options. You aren’t just stuck with using an electric fence in certain situations, whereas it may not work in others. You can use an electric fence for pretty much any security need that you may have. If you are trying to keep animals in a particular area, then you will have a much easier time doing so with an electric fence. If you are trying to keep people out of another area, you’re going to be able to do it with an electric fence. You can fit it pretty much anywhere that you want it to go, and you don’t have to worry about stressing yourself out and doing a lot of cutting for it in the meantime.
  • They end up being more effective psychologically because of how they “shock” the person or animal in question. We mentioned this above, but it’s a huge benefit – it doesn’t cost a lot to make someone frightened of the fence, and it’s not really going to hurt anyone unless they’re dealing with a high security fence.
  • They last a lot longer than the other types of fencing that are out there on the market. Fencing is something that isn’t known for lasting a long time. Since most types of fencing are made from metal, they end up rusting a lot more quickly than other types. Since the wires that are used in order to make the electric fencing are made out of insulated material, similar to what you find in power lines, you’re going to have the fence for a much longer period of time than you would otherwise.
  • It’s a lot easier to fix or move an electric fence than it is any other type of fence that’s out there. As mentioned above, your electric fence is going to be incredibly light and easy to move around. Because of that, you can take out a chunk of the fence without a lot of stress or strain. Take a part out, replace it with new wire, and then your electric fence is going to be ready to go. If you sell a part of your land or you have to change where the fence is, that’s easy to do as well. You just have to take the posts, move them, and rearrange the wiring so that it works effectively.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of things that you want to think about and consider before you purchase an electric fence of any type. If you think that an electric fence is going to be the right choice for you and your family, contact us today to learn more about the options that you have and how you can utilize an electric fence for security now and into the future.