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What are the benefits of our security installation services?

An electric fence is an excellent deterrent to intruders and keeps criminals from gaining easy access to the premises. A simple palisade fencing or razor wire will not provide an alarm notification should the fence be tampered with.

The electric fence acts as a physical barrier, a psychological barrier and an early warning system. Therefore it causes a delay when entering the premises as well as when wanting to exit.

The electric fence can stay on for 24 hours at a time, whereas a normal alarm or perimeter beams are generally switched off when there are visitors.

You have peace of mind knowing that your family is safe when you are away from home, and provide you with a back-up plan for when you are at home. It is always good to know that someone else is on the way when you are faced with intruders in the middle of the night.

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"After 15 years experience in the security industry, we have found that certain security measures are no longer enough to keep out criminals. Therefore our mission is to find a more effective way of keeping them out and help protect the businesses and home owner’s assets. We will design and plan your security to be the most effective for our clients."

- Cobus Welthagen

What are the benefits of our electric fencing services?

Our Electric fence brackets are custom made according to your specifications. We manufacture our own brackets. We specialize in 25 x 25 mm square tubing, which makes the brackets stronger and gives you better protection. The powder coating of brackets is available in different colours according to your choice. They can also be galvanized if preferred.

  • Braided stainless steel wire or braided aluminum wire
  • The keypad is mounted in a dedicated room in your house or office
  • The electric fence energizer will be mounted for example in your garage
  • Your electric fence can be connected to your existing alarm system with armed response (ask about our peppergas alarm system)
  • Electric fence certification now required by law when selling your property
  • Available for servicing of electric fencing or when there is a fault or short

Other Security Products and Services

  • Electrical Fencing & All Other Types Of Security Fencing
  • Alarm systems of all types including our custom built Pepper Gas Alarm System!
  • CCTV Camera Installation & Equipment & Other Home/Office Surveillance
  • Intercom systems and Access Control Systems Matching Your Requirements
  • Automated & Electic Garage doors as well as Electric Gate Motors and Installation

Recently installed Electric Fence in Rooihuiskraal

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"I was referred to Designer Security in December 2014. Cobus did an  upgrade to the security at my house in Rooihuiskraal. It included a motorised gate and an electric fence. Cobus has a lot of technical knowledge that he likes to share with others. His hard work and will to help speaks for itself” - Kate - Rooihuiskraal Centurion

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Frequently Asked Electric Fencing Questions

  • Q.How safe is electrified fencing with children?

    A.There are certain restrictions set out by SAEFIA (South African Electrified Fencing Installers Association). The energizer that is installed will need to conform to these restrictions. With this electric fencing is 100% safe, and is used for game farms, agriculture, livestock to residential property and businesses

  • Q.Is this system safe, and can the fence kill my cat?

    A.No, animals, especially cats sense the magnetic field of the energizer pulls. In other words the fence gives off negative irons into the air which the animals can pick up through smell. Therefore they tend to stay away from the fence.

  • Q.How many volts are there on the fence?

    A.It depends on the type of energizer. This can range from between 4000 volts up to 10,000 volts for residential fencing.

  • Q.How much more will my electricity bill be when I install an electric fence?

    A.The energizers don’t draw much power. There you should not pay more than R100 extra per month

  • Q.Where does electric fencing originate from?

    A.Electric fencing originated from the agricultural field to protect stock and the control of grazing. Over the years this technology has developed to such an extent that there are now various levels of sophistication depending on specific requirements.

  • Q.How does shrubbery and grass affect the electric fence?

    A.All shrubbery contains moisture which forms a conductor down to the ground. The more growth touching the fence, the less effective the electric fence becomes.

  • Q.Does electrified fencing work?

    A.Yes, you need to plan your electric fencing around your particular needs. As we know for every action there has to be a re-action. The electric fence works when it has been configured correctly and you get a notification. Then you can respond accordingly.

  • Q.What happens when a blanket is thrown over the fence?

    A.Again, if your fence is configured correctly it should give an alarm output from the control panel that excess weight on the fence, or parting of the conductors has taken place.

How does Electric Fencing work?

Electric fencing was originally developed to confine animals to a certain area. Due to a serious security demand, this technology was improved and a very effective barrier system for unwanted intruders was developed.

The actual system sends a high-voltage electrical pulse around a multi-wire perimeter fence. The source of this is called an energizer.

One terminal is connected to the live wire circuit and the other to the earth wire circuit, which is also connected to a metal rod planted into the ground.

The energizer works on a send and return basis, whatever voltage it sends out, it must receive back.

There are 2 x alarm conditions on a fence. A short circuit- when a ground wire and live wire is touching. An open circuit- when a wire is cut.

The potential of the pulse may vary between 2,500 and 12,000 volts, depending on the equipment that is used.  The electrical current is set at a safe level so the pulse lasts only for a few milliseconds at a time, making sure that the end result is non-lethal.

What happens when the intruder tries to breach the electric perimeter fence? He becomes part of an electrical circuit and as the high voltage current travels through his body, he will be shocked and temporarily incapacitated.

Monitoring can happen in a number of different ways:

  • Wires are redirected by vertical movement, or
  • There is a contact between the live and earth circuits, or
  • The wires have been cut

The system will cause a short circuit on the fence and the alarm will be triggered. This will give a noticeable and visual indication of a breach.

Often perimeter fences that run a few kilometres long can be zoned to detect where the breach took place. This is very effective as the guards can get to the entry point quickly.

This technology has become so advanced that you can monitor and keep an eye on your system from anywhere in the world. You will be able to arm and disarm your system, be notified of any alarm activation, be notified of power failures, and any other features…

It is recommended that you connect your electric fence alarm to a security company for extra protection and monitoring.

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We Guarantee Best Pricing By Beating Any Written Quote While Still Maintaining Highest Quality Service

  • We work according to the required regulations and standards set by the elecric fencing Industry.
  • Our focus is on client satisfaction by offering excellent and friendly fencing service.
  • We offer professional advice from start to finish, saving you time and money one your electric fence
  • References provided if required on jobs completed, giving you peace of mind on our quality of work.
  • We plan our work properly so as to ensure jobs are completed timeously to avoid any delays.
  • We keep our prices as low as possible, therefore ensuring we are competitive in the professional market.
  • Labour and proper management is done by the owner and trained works to ensure work is of high standard.
  • Our policy is to keep an honest and open relationship with all our clients.

Product & Service Details

Electric Fencing

Our Electric fence brackets are custom made according to your specifications. We manufacture our own brackets. We specialize in 25 x 25 mm square tubing, which makes the brackets stronger and gives you better protection. The powder coating of brackets is available in different colours according to your choice. They can also be galvanized.

Security Beams

We can offer you a wide choice of security beams for your outdoor perimeter security. Wireless or wired options are available.

Alarm Systems

We can design your alarm system according to your needs and requirements. Our systems are high quality and user friendly. These systems can be linked to any armed response companies, or can be self-monitored by sms modules.

CCTV Cameras

Security cameras are installed for better visibility around the perimeter of your property. The high quality infrared day and night cameras give you a clear view even in the darker areas, with no additional lighting. You are also able to monitor your cameras from any other location via an internet connection.

Electric Gate motors and Automated Garage doors

We install a variety of sliding and double swing-door gate motors with battery backup for homes and offices, as well as larger factory buildings. We will advise you what type of motor should be installed for the frame or size of gate.

Home Automation

We have a NEW system called MAGMAS – Motorised Access Gate Monitoring and Alarm System. It is an early warning system that alerts you of any unauthorized activity at your gate or gate motor via your cellphone. The controllers works on the cellular network giving you immediate access to the status of both your gate and gate motor. Products are locally manufactured and all work is guaranteed.

Pepper Gas units

The unit is a complete stand-alone alarm system that can be installed at your office, factory, home, garage, holiday flat or caravan. This system gives you 24 hour protection against intruders while you are not at your premises. Once activated, it sprays 7-second bursts within an 8-minute interval, which covers an area of +/- 1000 m2. Six full activations are obtained from one 250 g canister. Refills can be supplied when canisters are emptied. For cover of larger areas, a 2.5 kg cylinder can be used with the main unit.


We are happy to offer a discount to all pensioners and non-profit organizations. We feel we not only want to offer excellent service and job satisfaction, but also assist the elderly and those companies who help others through donations and fund raising. This is a small contribution of giving back to the community.

Fencing Guarantee

Our guarantee to our electric fencing clients is that if something is not to the client’s satisfaction as stipulated on the electric fence spec sheet and quotation, we will sort out the problem as soon as possible. A service guarantee will be included at job completion.

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